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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
Question though, because there's a world of difference between hot wifery and polyamory... Isn't part of your excitement derived from the fact that this other man is not someone well known to you?
This is what I was wondering. Thank you Jade.

Originally Posted by bassman View Post
I guess I'm confident my wife wont fall in love with someone else, run away with them, and break up our happy home. Maybe if you re-assured him that it was just fun, and that you would enjoy it just for the attention?

We have a little boy 7, that we both love to bits, neither of us would do anything to harm him or cause unhappiness in our home
It sounded to me like this as far as it could go before you would feel like she was destorying your family and marriage. Yes it all has to start some where, but it was sounding like that was the place you wanted to be at and no more.

Perhaps you are unawares of the turmoil that is casued when another person becomes a fixture in an established marriage? It is unhappy sometimes for those witnessing and pulling up the slack in a relationship. It is possible that those involved "run away" for a time. NRE is powerful and potentially destructive.

If your wife falls for another man it will likely be very difficult for you and your child. Adjustment time takes place for up to and over a year. All I ask is that you are aware of this and what could happen. Don't be under the illusion that you will be jacking off to thoughts of her with another man. Sure, you could be, but its unlikely to be as gleeful. I would suggest enjoying today and remembering to keeping a clear head, talking about what ifs, educating your through reading up on other experiences and your eye on the bigger picture. I would hate that glee to turn sour the moment she looks at you vacantly after a weekend of fucking because you thought it was all going to be sexy masturbation time for you.

Bah! You never asked for advice, just for people to share in your glee. I am leaving this here regardless but please know I am happy for you that you found some enjoyment for yourself in her flirtations.
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