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Originally Posted by ihaveasecret View Post
Hi, been following the thread and admit I was also confused. If Kandy couldn't see what you did, how did she know you did it?

Do you guys have individual relationships or only date couples together? Just curious.
1) Kandy was in the front seat with Boogie. Boogie was driving. Tabi-cat was sitting directly behind Kandy. Boogie saw me in the rearview mirror. I took my hand out of Tabi-cat's crotch and put it to my nose. Boogie and Tabi-cat got grosses out by that, and made a big to-do about it. I got embarrassed, and clammed up. More embarassed than I am current;ly typing this to explain it to you strangers.

We typically date couples. However, Kandy has had a bf, and WE have had a GF. I've not had a GF, so to speak, since before I was married. All of the women I tell that I'm married, turn tail and say something along the lines of "Glad it works for you, but it wouldn't work for me". Then I hear very little, if anything, from them ever again.
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