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Real quick......

The foul which was committed, was ME....I put my hand in Tabi-cat's crotch. The issue was not that in and of it's self. The problem, was that I had done it in the back seat where Kandy and Boogie couldn't see. It was also while in the back seat of the car....while we were going down the road. Kinda public, yet hidden from Kandy and Boogie's eyes. So to Kandy, it felt like I was trying to hide this. Trying to hide ANYTHING is a foul in our eyes.

When I got confronted about it, I was embarrassed, and clammed up making me look even MORE guilty, further madening Kandy. It was a vicious cycle.

So there you have it. None of it is an issue anymore anyway, as the relationship with Boogie and Tabi-cat is not salvageable. So, we are moving on to higher plateaus.
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