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Default is masturbation sex?

I said yes. I think it depends on what the intended purpose is, if it's ok sex or great sex.

Originally Posted by Mendalla View Post
Maybe it is sex, but a different kind than I get with a partner. All I know is that masturbating leaves me feeling different than sex with my partner. Jacking off can be as or more physically intense, but the latter almost always leaves me more satisfied unless the masturbation involved a really good, vivid fantasy.

Sometimes when I do it it's like just needing a stress relief, or I'm horny and need to just let one go. Other times when I'm really into it and my mind goes to fantasies or past experiences, man! My head spins when I'm done. The energy flows right out of my body and I'm out like a light.

Of course it's different when you're with someone. The orgasms maybe intense but in a different way.

As someone else mentioned, "the results are the same". Masturbation frees your mind and body for a brief moments in time. So does sex with others.
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