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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
i just hope that the entire forum doesn't hate me now!
i am feeling ever so slightly unpopular lol
not at all!!!!

This has been an interesting read and made me soften my stance on cheating... well, not the cheating, but the cheaters.

thanks for that!

There really is two sides to every coin and I understand that desperate people do desperate things that hurt others and themselves... sometimes unknowingly and sometimes because they are blinded by their desperateness. Thank you for showing me that some people who cheat can move forward and start making changes in their lives, start asking for what they need and start healing... in turn they heal others.

I admire you ladyjools and Lovingradiance, you are standing by what you need in the face of losing it all and in the face of a lot of pain and anguish.

I like violets signature, "Love is giving someone the power to completely destroy you, and trusting that they won't." I think it sums it up for me when I read all that is posted here and elsewhere about your stories and how you are figuring it out....

Thanks for the sharing and hard work you put in to make your lives and of those around you better. I don't see any selfishness here, just a determination to live like you only have one life to live. Nothing wrong with that. What ever happens will be for the greater good if you are on a path such as that in my belief.
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