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Default Hi all

Hi- I stumbled upon this forum while searching the web for something that would help me deal with this new-to-me polyamory in my life. I definitely need some help with this stuff, as someone who is emotionally monogamous and with a partner who was 'supposed' to be the same, but has now developed strong feelings for someone else who happens to be living with us...I don't want to get into a ton of detail here, as I don't know the best place on this forum to post details, but I need to figure this stuff out. I'm not opposed, really- I just am flailing about in the dark, emotionally, and don't know anyone to bounce this stuff off. The three of us have made a point to talk as openly together and individually as we can, but I still have some 'issues'... I'm willing to give it a try, I think, but I need to just...I don't know, talk about it with someone /some people who have some experience with this stuff. This is all moving way too fast for me, but I'm only one of the people involved.
Thanks, & look fwd. to communicating here.
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