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I might be running away with this thread here due to what has happened to me today, but Jools' mention of "new energy" hits home.

My g/f of the last year broke up with me for the umpteenth (and possibly final?) time a few weeks ago due to issues w/ me dating other women (for full details, check other threads). We just now started talking a bit the past couple days and she came over for lunch in a good mood. We started talking a little about her life and a guy she's been hanging out w. Then it was my turn as she asked me how things had been. I told her of the two women I had been seeing, I hadn't heard much from one but had been spending almost every day with the other (we are in a play together, which accounts for about 4 days/week of that interaction). You know, NRE.
To which she responded by being very hurt. She started to compare it to how we were before she broke up w/ me. We didn't see each other every day, sometimes not even every week. I fought fire on a hotshot crew this summer, so was sometimes incommunicado for a couple weeks. Not to say I didn't think of her.
Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I'm just whining that I think it unfair for her to compare the middle of our relationship to the begining of another.

I think this isn't so far from the topic of the thread; it's not as though I've felt "sick of her" but I did feel like it was nice to have a break so when we were together it was appreciated more, less of a "oh, I see you every day", taking for granted type situation. In the short time we were not talking (at her request) both of us felt like it was an eternity and I was so relieved to finally have her break the silence. I've missed her and I miss her still.
argh. I think I need to start a new thread....
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