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Originally Posted by PhantomaLain View Post
In the process of moving from one state to another I got the courage to let one of my friends know I have a crush on him and we ended up having sex. Now that I have moved I am regularly sending explicit texts to another friend. Neither of these guys knows about the kind of relationship I am in (other than the fact that I am married), but both are in committed relationships themselves. One is just in a very serious dating relationship and the other is married and has kids. Neither are with someone who would be ok with what we are doing.
So you have cheated with this other friend? You realize that is bad, right? And you moral haziness revolves around if it's bad continuing sexting with both, or just this one other guy, whom you haven't (yet) slept with?

There are differing opinions around whether emotional affairs/sexy talk amount to cheating. Since you know that the partner of your sext-friend wouldn't be okay with what you are doing, then wtf?

Back off. Don't add insult to injury by continuing lying and sneaking around. You've already fucked up once, why continue? As other posters said, what is so special about these guys that you can't keep your hands off?

Originally Posted by PhantomaLain View Post
If I don't want to have restrictions put on me (though my husband knows what I am doing and is ok with it), who am I to say that what these guys are doing is wrong?
Your husband knows and is okay. Their partners don't. There you have it.

Would you want the same thing done unto you, were you in the position of the unwitting partner? And would you want people in general to act like you have acted in this situation?

There's tons of information on ethics around there if you care to look.
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