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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
I think everyone here forgot....or missed....this part of my post:
Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
While in the car, I commit a foul by putting my hand in Tabi-cat's crotch. Only a foul between Kandy and myself, Tabi-cat was ok with it.

Kandy gets upset with me and lets me know.

I become reclusive.
No, dear, we didn't miss it or forget it. I think it confused us because you said she got upset about it BUT we didn't know WHY.

You didn't say it was a rule, and I'm sure most of us are still unclear what that rule is. No touching without asking for permission first or something like that? What is the rule, if you don't mind telling us?

I think most of us know you and Kandy are pretty experienced with getting it on with other couples, and since it was obvious that you all had planned on all getting together to have sex, we were just trying to figure out why she got mad. It didn't make sense because the picture was incomplete, that's all. I'm sure Mags and I were not the only ones who wondered, "Wait a minute, they were going to a hotel together, planning to get laid, so why couldn't he touch her crotch?" We were only trying to understand why everyone was so upset.
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