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I'd venture to say that anything or anyone who touches you, connects to your inner soul, your providing you with a mystic experience or "mystic input".......obviously, we have to be open and accepting of that message or input. I recognized immediately upon finding this site that those of you on here, have that advantage over the general population......and I'm ashamed to say, up til 6 months ago, over me, too. My growth, my ability to feel and absorb this "mystic input" has leapt into hyperdrive the last few months....maybe that's why my wife has commented on how happy I seem to be now. I'm reaching a level of peace and contentment I never knew existed. I guess, one could consider that "mystic", huh?

As for "sacred" that's another word all together......I'll have to explore my strict Catholic upbringing before commenting on that one! More to follow....

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