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I suspect everyone agrees that this wasn't a good match for you guys. Too ready to pack up and move, too smoked up to perform, too much going on under the surface...

I think the previous poster made a thought provoking point though. "Perhaps Tabi and Boogie were hurt, confused or embarrassed by the crotch grabbing and the scolding and your subsequent anger and sulky un-flirty behavior as well?"

Sometimes what you don't say speaks louder than what you do. When we're with another couple and I see changes in behavior, attitude, etc., it sends off little warning signals. You may have been unwittingly throwing out your own red flag.

We saw lots of these sort of red flags with our OSOs in the first couple of years. He would do something that irritated her and withdraw in some way or vice versa. It was kind of maddening, because it wasn't personal... it took a while to realize it wasn't personal.. but in that sorting out period, when they were discovering their own and each other's boundaries, there were times when I would just want to scream, "Why am I here? Can't you guys get your act together?"

Again, just food for thought. Nothing but love for ya' and all that I think we all want each other to find happiness, so don't be alarmed if you get what you may feel is "negative" criticism. If something is pointed out, there's usually a genuine desire to help behind it.
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