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Time constrains being what they are, I have not faithfully read every word, and only skimmed some of the most recent posts here. But let me side with the voices that say it's not yet too late, or too over. What the two of you need to do is look into one another's eyes and ask questions like Am I loved? Do you love me? Can trust be rebuilt? Stuff like that. If there is much love between you, that's nothing to sneeze at. If trust can be recovered and healed, same. As other posters have said, we're all human. I think the two of you owe it to one another to stay or part based on fundamental questions which only the two of you can formulate and answer. But real love is very precious, indeed. And if you have that you may be able to work through this and be stronger than ever. At the same time, AutumnalTone's tone makes some sense. You have every right to feel hurt and betrayed. I wish you both the best.
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