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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
There have been quite a few more since I joined the boards, but I still feel the absence of many voices when discussions like this come up. Not just this one particularly, but in general.
Just to address this point...Honestly after being ASKED to share my point of view on some things, and writing a rather long post about it, and then NO replies, I'm a little discourraged and feel like wtf is the point of me saying anything when I'll just be ignored. Especially one with so much meaning and me exposing my feelings on quite a few things. I'm an introvert by nature and that was a bit difficult for me to do in the first place.

Addressing this issue... when I was married, I NEVER took off my ring. It wasn't my marriage, but it was the symbol for it, like some of the other ladies have said. When I DID take it off, I was serious and the marriage was really over.
I would never expect either SG or AB to take off their rings. Just because they were married and THEN I came along. My joining the relationship doesn't diminish what they have, so why should they have to give up something important that symbolizes their marriage. Eventually I would like to have something for all three of us. But again, that would be in addition to their current rings.
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