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Dinged Heart, I'm not trying to excuse her behaviour. Podunk is struggling to understand why she would have lied like this, and I'm just offering him a few possible keys to understanding. If they are still trying to work this out (and it seems like they might be) each partner will have to dig deep and see if they can find some sympathy for the other.

And no, no-one's ever "entitled" to make cheap shots. What a ridiculous thing to say.

I'm not sure what to think about the whole "I don't remember" thing. I'd think a guy coming in your mouth would be something you'd remember, too. Then I thought about it a bit. Podunk, you say that it's the norm for you guys that no-one finishes in her mouth. Does that mean you usually don't, either? If so, and she's not used to swallowing, it might feel different that she'd expect. As an enthusiastic swallower, I can tell you that some guys are exploders and some guys are tricklers. If Paul was a trickly sort of fellow, it might be sort of hard to tell whether she was tasting a little precome or whether he'd come.
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