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I find it fascinating that her behavior in this is being rationalized( its hard to tell a partner about sexual stuff .....imagine that in a high pitch whiny voice ....its year of societal programing.... and podunks cheap shot and condescension and possible slut shaming needs to be looked at....really. The guy just got blindsided and is devastated....he's not entitled to a couple of cheap shots...fuck that...... if she doesn't like cheap shots ....or they sting a bit to much then don't put yourself in a position in which you may have to endure them.

This was so fucking simple it mind blowing....she danced topless and met a guy (I"m a sucker for sweaty boob myself) ...talked for a period of time on the internet ...plan a weekend or something with EVERYONE knowing that sex was most definitely apart of that plan. The short visit turns into 8 days. Upon returning home when asked did you have sex with Paul she could have said ....well duh...of coarse we did but he has ED and it was difficult blah blah mostly non penetrative play ...END OF FUCKING PROBLEM .....or rather problem never that simple.

No one buy's the idea she can't remember if the guy came in her mouth. If he got it up enough (insert ED story ) to cum wouldn't that be cause for celebration .....or sense of satisfaction on her part.... something you wouldn't forget in a few days. My wife could remember the shoes she wore to a party in 1997 and where she bought them and how much she paid.....this seems like something all women are going to remember doing at least in the short term.

Now Po is forced to look at everything that's said and done with a critical eye. He's probably looking back to see if he was lied to in other areas and other topics. hell she might be sneaking off and having a slim jim every now and then ....or big ole cheese burger. "i'd never do that ".... really... where have I heard that before ....I found those wrappers in your car ..."I told you those weren't mine" .... everything gets put into question....because of the decisions she made.

Good luck D

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