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If she hadn't lied would it have been okay with you for her to have had sex with him?

For me, it seems the issue is that you now feel you can't trust her. I know that must really hurts. I don't know but it seems like focusing on the sex acts, will only keep fueling your hurt. Is there any way to instead talk abut how much her dishonesty has eroded your trust for her.

It seems like guys get more upset or jealous over sex acts whereas, girls do so over emotional connection. Reading your posts makes me feel you are getting caught up on the sex.

If you want to salvage your relationship, it seems like you are going to have decide whether you want to accept her apology and if you want to let go of the fact that she seems to have she had to lie about the sex. Why, is there an emotional complex there she needs to hide?

I don't have any answers but can read and see your pain. Sometimes people get caught up in their emotional complexes or pain and begin to rewound over and over.

Wishing you ease from this hurt,

Mara, a new member

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