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I'd like to invite others here to share their ideas and experiences concerning sacred sexuality. There are many traditions which have their own various discourses on the subject, be it tantra, neo-tantra, "body electric...", various taoist traditions, buddhist tantra, etc....

My own preference is not to adopt a religion or belief system about these things but to be willing to explore, experience, discuss... without falling into any single prescribed system or religion or guru, etc.... Also, although I have had powerful mystical experiences -- some involving sex --, I tend to be a pretty "grounded" rational and scientifically informed person. I can be quite skeptical in my open-mindedness -- which I think is fine.

I'll reach out to some other polyamory sites, etc., and let them know that we're discussing sacred sexuality in an open sort of way here, and invite participation.

If you have experience or knowledge you'd like to share, or just a perspective, we'd be happy to hear from you -- especially the hundreds of you who are "lurking".
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