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Originally Posted by LT4everu2 View Post
Magdlyn we have a rule on this type of activity, he crossed it. SO I guess it is ok to break rules in your book, well it is not in mine.
I wondered about that too. I don't think you need to get defensive, since nobody else here knew that was a rule you have! I mean, if two couples are getting together to fuck each other, how would anyone of us know that he wasn't allowed to touch her crotch? Eventually, he would have to touch her there, I would think, LOL. I figured you just bitched at him about it because you got caught up in the tension between the other two. I'm sure the atmosphere was tough to be in, if they were fighting, even silently. It seems odd that he couldn't touch her, given the reason you all were there that night, LOL! -- but whatever, now we understand what happened! Still TL, no reason to retreat and sulk for so long. It seems that didn't help.

Well, anyway, that couple seems a bit childish. At least you found out what they were like sooner rather than later. Like I said earlier, I don't know why you two stayed as long as you did. I would have split way earlier in the evening, after the first bit of drama.
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