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I know I am not on here much, but I have to stand up here and say my peace.
Magdlyn we have a rule on this type of activity, he crossed it. SO I guess it is ok to break rules in your book, well it is not in mine.
Also it is alot more then the sex, it was the whole not talking. And wanting to talk to some stranger and ignore us (leaving us in the room) the ones they were out with.
And we did talk to them about it. The whole thing blew up the next morning not that night, over something that had nothing to do with sex.
Not to metion that this is a 2 way realationship, they have not reached out to us. As for the facebook add, she said in the past that she will ok all request for friendship, so I think she didnt even realize who it was and she could have sent an email and didnt.
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