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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
If I were a third, I would not want to be considered an enhancement (which is probably why I won't be being a third any time soon), but I understand what you mean. And I don't think it's necessary either. There are always ways to compromise, but compromise can only happen when all members of the relationship are willing to let go of something they're clinging to. But I get the sense that the ring is but one of the issues at play here.
I don't really know how to put it-because the reality is if one relationship already exists-you are enhancing it if you add anything to it....

Not like 'oh I upgraded my tv'.. .
but what is a good term?

I think for me I would MUCH prefer a quad... I can't exactly define why... I think I could have done a healthy, functional triad with greengecko and my exgirlfriend... but that's not the dynamic now.

Married to Maca, my preference would be a quad.

BUT I agree that the bottom line is that if such a huge battle is coming over a ring-then it at least highly suggests that something else is brewing.

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