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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post

I disagree that we dont hear the "thirds" view alot round here... We recently had Sweetie, GreenGecko and Of course we have Aussielover... All "thirds" making it work in their own ways. And Of Course Mono... The Third who isnt a third.

And I think be "enhancing" the relationship LR meant "extending/opening" the relationship.
That's a good point. There have been quite a few more since I joined the boards, but I still feel the absence of many voices when discussions like this come up. Not just this one particularly, but in general. It's always lovely to hear how people are making it work. It's also important to hear those voices when things are not working.

And while I know what LR meant by enhancing, I think the way language is used can be pretty important, which is why I brought that up.
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