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Originally Posted by River View Post
It has been talk since the Stone Age. For it to actually happen there would have to be a sort of magazine staff assembled (if there is to be a web-based magazine, as once dreamed of). That is, it will need an editor or editors, proofreaders, fact checkers ... call it "Quality Control". Back in the Stone Age I was involved in the discussion, being that I was a moderator on the fora then. Now I'm out of the loop and suspect the current crop of mods don't think so highly of me anymore. (Which is why I don't expect to be in the loop.)

The original plan was an all-volunteer staff. That means everyone has a workably small portion of time to offer and no single person has to carry too large a burden of responsibility. There are intelligent ways to work this out.
Ha! Easy, Tiger.

Far as I know, no one, myself included, took the lead on organizing that writing/editing staff, though several mods really did their homework to prepare for the technical changes (myself not included; I perused). Of course it is ultimately up to the site owner, Olivier.

Stone Age? Traveling fast.
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