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I have become increasingly interested in joining my local Quaker meetings recently. The reason being that I can see how it will help me to achieve my aims in life. I feel polyamory promotes the same. For me, they are very interlinked. I certainly do not identify as Christian though, and wouldn't anticipate adopting the label of Quaker; I don't identify as anything really - I like to live by my own rules, which just happen to fit in with many religions & philosophies!

TrueRiver, I totally hear what you're saying about british women and hugs. Whilst I know women who don't fit this mold, I certainly have done for a long time. Bizarre really since I don't think any of my previous partners have ever found it an issue - it was more of a weird internal battle. It is a part of me that I am moving on from. It may be our cultural norm, but it feels a bit bonkers to me!
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