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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
Having a pretty good day. Had a conversation with our derby coach - I may regret it later tonight at practice... he hadn't done up the workout for practice yet

Oh and Derbylicious - I used your baseline as an example... I think that may be incorporated into our workouts - when do you do your next one?

I haven't been here much because on the relationship front - I'm content. I'm happily married, open to possibilities, and not willing to be with someone who cheats. Plus I'm broke so can't go to the city as often as I'd like

I'm starting to ramble. Must blog. Or email someone. LOL
I have no idea when we're doing the next one, probably in 3 months from the first...right in the middle of off season. I'm guessing we won't do as well as we did during the season.

As for making it into the city if you can manage it I'm going to be there next week if you want to hang out. (or let me know when you practice and I might make the drive out...if it's ok with your team).
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