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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I found that the sleep problem makes everything 3-30 times more emotional
So true, I really need some sleep to face any more of this.

The why question ....good luck on that and hope you believe it if you get one.
Yeah, looks like I'll have to piece together and decide on the 'why' for myself. Couldn't believe her if she had one and I'm starting to believe she honestly doesn't.

Are you convinced his dick didn't find other fun places to visit ....I think this could be the reason for all the lies. How or why does he have a fuck buddy if he can't get it up? ... you may want to .check with her and see if that's true...the whole limp-dick-man idea.... the way your story started I'm surprised she didn't say he was gay also ...
Lol, maybe he's gay will be the next excuse. But I don't think other holes is the reason. There were no off-limit holes. Although as I'm typing this I asked! And guess what, they tried! Good insight Dinged! Now I'm to believe there was a condom on the limp dick at that time. Who the hell knows? Mad all over again!
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