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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
I feel like I've come alive again but with a million new nerve endings to feel, and appreciate who and what I have. It's so hard to explain to my wife how the connexion with our 3rd has deepened my love and connexion with her also. It is truly mystic.....and I never really used to believe that "new age" lingo.....but it is so true.
My partner of 12 years, Kevin, and I have also experienced happy improvements of our communication and tenderness and shared joy each of the times we've included others in our lives as intimates--however briefly (we'd have liked a more lasting connection, but we don't always get what we want). That's just not what monomamorists expect to see happening with us! They expect terrible dramas and horrible fights and struggles, etc.... But that's not how it's been going with us. Lots of others report similar experiences.

As for the term "mystic" ..., it's just about feeling more connected to "the universe," "being," existence," others..., and also a sort of trustful opening to life, joy, freedom.... We're all natural born mystics -- as children, until life starts batting us around in some way that shuts down our sensitivities..., or we allow it to do that to us. After all, we're young and inexperienced, and we don't know how else to respond to the traumas of life than to try to shut life out, dull ourselves down.... And now that we're older and wiser? We can open up again, only this time with the wisdom of an adult mind and heart to meet our openhearted "new age" "inner child".... Ha!
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