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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
O.o Kaos, what's got you all worked up?
I've just fucking had it with people and their priorities all screwed up.

I just raided my larder and bought double groceries because my best friend who works 60 hours a week just sold most of her "good" clothes to buy gas, has been drinking creamers from the coffee room from where she works to keep from passing out, and among other things, her 10-year-old son was told by his pediatrician to "help your mom think of more recipes to make" when they don't even have fucking food in the house. She makes "too much money" to get food stamps.

This, on top of what I do EVERY DAY for my cats, all of whom were abandoned by fuck-face humans.

So you see, I am very low on sympathy/compersion/what-have-you for people whose biggest problem has to do with figuring out they are poly, or how to find a unicorn, or how many nights a week they should spend fucking their OSO, etc. etc. etc. because obviously everyone on this forum has a fucking roof over their head, enough to eat, and can afford fucking internet and/or a cell phone.

I am so lucky that i work for fucking Harvard, and my job is union, that I can afford to help those who are much needier than I am. And I have been doing this for years and don't fucking brag about it. I am sick and fucking tired of people taking shit for granted.

So go ahead and criticize my shitty moderator/people skills. Yes, you River, I'm talking to you and your little posse. Put your fingers in your ears and sing "LALALA".

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