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Then out of the blue there was a random email from Meghan to veganchick. She thought I was cute and wanted to know if next time veganchick visited Paul, if I might come and visit her. I had a bit of giddy schoolboy excitement in that thought, complete with butterflies in my stomach and racing thoughts of possibilities in my mind. Could life get any better? I had it all right? Except for the lies that continued to grow!

As we discussed the possibilities surrounding Meghan, I offered that if I had a week on the commune with her, the outcome would be very different than with Paul and veganchick. She seemed a little bewildered by this and offered up that it "wasn't like she hadn't done anything" and what did I mean? I laughed it off that she had kissed Paul and clarified that there would definitely be sex if I spent time with Meghan and probably lots of it. I guess that was too much for veganchick to take. She let it out that there had been "touching" between her and Paul. What? The lies began to unfold!
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