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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I'm really pissed off about the cruelty, suffering, and injustice going on in the world, and right outside our front doors. Then I come on here and see people whining about their sex lives, cheating on each other, navel-gazing, and in general worrying about things that don't matter. Suck it up and get a life. Go help someone who needs help. If you are on here bitching about your shitty polyamorous sex life, you really do have it good. Put down the internet and go make the fucking world a better place. Start getting a clue about what REALLY matters. The fact that can't find a "third" to "add to your relationship" DOES NOT MATTER. The fact that you can't figure out how to sleep five people in a queen-size bed DOES NOT MATTER. There are people who don't have enough to eat. There are innocent animals being tortured for the fun of it.

Get your collective heads out of your collective asses, polyamorous people.
O.o Kaos, what's got you all worked up? I mean, I know the world is a pretty shitty place right now with the US government showing it's true colors, Europe about to collapse financially, and every news outlet boo hooing over a dead guy rather then paying attention to what they should be paying attention to, but you usually seem more calm then this.

Trust me, I agree with you about how frustrating people can be, probably in many the same ways you are, but some parts of human nature you can't change.

Other then concern for Kaos, I'm doing well. Enjoying my day off in the workshop, learning new skills, learning new things, and trying not to be concerned for where the world is heading. All I know when society collapses, I've got some practical skills I can put to work in barter.
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