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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
This was added to the original post yesterday. Maybe it will answer some of that For you.
Thanks for that snippet, Sunshine Girl. I think we are possibly seeing a case of people not being at the same stage of poly exploration. I see this at our meetings; people just discovering poly, defining it for themselves, learning what they really want. Others have more experience, explored more and have a clearer picture of what they want. I think Anne is a little behind in her exploration and needs time to evaluate what it is she exactly wants from the relationship. It may be a case of I want total freedom with others (such as fwb) but total security with others (her triad).
Hopefully she is not viewing the triad as a safety blanket to run to when there is no fwb or casual aquaintences to occupy her.

Then again, I might be full of shit Only Anne knows.

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