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Originally Posted by violet View Post
Triad Equality


(As far as the Anne ready to commit, there's been some talk about opening the relationship. Anne wants to fuck other guys. Not add them to the relationship, just have FWB. But she doesn't really want HMA to see other women, or me to do so either. She said maybe she'd be okay with it if HMA let her fuck other men, but SHE was the one at the beginning who said she wanted it to be a closed relationship. Despite that she was still seeing someone who had NO idea about us, and even after she told us she was breaking it off with him, knowing full well we were uncomfortable with her fucking other people – and knowing we weren't allowed that freedom, she flew to Cali and fucked him. Thanks, Anne. I'm still miffed. So there's been some talk about giving her what she needs and letting her spread her wings – but because of what all three of us, not just HMA and I, want out of a relationship, letting her do so and instead of her being equal, have her be secondary for a while until she's ready and done her thing. So yeah.)
This was added to the original post yesterday. Maybe it will answer some of that For you.
I don’t get many things right the first time
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Brought me here...
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I am, I am
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