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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Although not "poly", I have definitely changed since entering a poly relationship. The requirement to communicate has greatly enhanced my ability in this area and I have created freinds in walks of life I never would have ventured before. I have expanded my knowledge about people in general because of the people I have gotten to know through poly.
In analysing my own issues I have discovered an incredible amount about myself and am a better partner for this. Ironically I am more monogamous then ever!!
I have to second this!!! No matter what else happens in my life as it is now, I will never stop growing and spreading out. All because of honesty, communication and being open to love in all the different ways it can be shared and felt.I was such an introvert, couldnt stand crowds wasnt keen on meeting new ppl. All this has changed( or is changing) for me after LR and I came clean with each other and open to Poly.

There are moments that I still fear but there are more times that I just feel much more free and able to enjoy the life that I have.

Peace and Love
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