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I suppose the "soft and dreamy" impression stems from all the love I am witnessing between you 3. It is really an inspiration. (And from the kind, caring comments you made about my situation, I see the 3 of you aren't stingy, either - you seem to have a lot of love to go around!) Your men are incredible. More men should be like this in the world.

Interesting about the height difference. How often men size each other up! Sundance is of average height, muscular build and Butch is over 6' and lanky. Sun has the body of an Adonis and even Butch admires it! I do believe Sundance got over the initial jealousy stuff, and their friendship deepened, which I loved. It's the new girl coming into the midst, ugh. It really threw things off. (Well, mostly because she didn't exactly "come into the midst" -- Sundance kept her off to the side, instead!)

When I read your journey I see three very healthy, respectful people who know how to truly love. Thank you for sharing. I am wishing for the very best for the three of you! And I hope you do not get too much negativity coming from people around you. Just remember most people have a hard time thinking outside the box. You have support here.
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