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Yay, picking flooring today. Finally. Not only that but I think I managed to convince PN that we REALLY need to do something about our kitchen floor, bathroom floor and toilet so we are looking at that too.

PN hates spending money, hates adding to the destruction of the planet by buying things that will damage it (or removing stuff that will go into the landfill) and really has no desire to do anything beyond his daily norm... all a challenge for me.

Still, Mono is interested in doing some home reno's and I have learned that once he gets the bug, its best to go with it! I reminded PN about that and we are on! It means we will be taking the boy to Europe 3 monthes later than planned three years from now.... ohhhhhhweeeeeelllll (such a hardship, but that was the ultimatum I was given by PN).

Its all such a balance this relationship stuff... seriously, if you can balance, you can do anything.
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