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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
You're mid 50s married to a mid 30 yr old! You old cradle robber! (So am I, not married, but living with, a 30something).

And *I* am attractive to lots of men in their 20s, had a nice boytoy for 2 years... another one for 7 months.

Dont be surprised if 20something women would be attracted to you as well, if you're somewhat in shape and young of heart!

Did you say youve been married 13 years?
Ok, to be precise, wife, Meryl is 38, I'm Martin- 51 (yes - dirty old man!)

and OoOOOOOOOHHH ---- I wish she would get a toy boy! (is it wrong that the idea turns me on???)

I am young at heart, I think, not in bad shape - working on that ! - I mean, if she gets a toy boy, I'd better get into shape !! Actually she seems to like older men, (lucky me!).

Yes, we've been married 12 years plus.
Male M, struggling noob.
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