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Too late did read your post until I was about to hit submit.

How did your big (144) brain think I was attacking or ...criticizing you in a response to a question asked by Sourgirl. My opinion about how or what constituted rejection within my marriage and family is a sore spot for you how? My comment (to Sourgirl) made no mention of you what so ever...didn't talk about money ...and didn't talk about the comparison with anyone else. I thought people on support forums do naturally draw comparisons or commonality with one another.

Who else do you criticize for them just being them ...or some attitude that you don't agree with. please name names ...

You made a big fucking deal about me having 3 Rules ....instead of boundaries.
Your big brain took issue with me not wanting the bf driving my old convertible....the one that took me and my dad 2 summers to restore.
Hey what are your boundaries in poly and your rules in BDSM ....please to see if they make sense to me ....or if any rub me the wrong way...I'll let you know if they do.
That's right your big brain attitude about money is the right attitude...or your opinion is the right opinion whatever the given topic. The world would be a better place if just all agreed with you big brain types.

You're an advocate for BDSM and kink but then say my attitude about money is the reason for my wife seeking it out. Then who or what is the reason for your participation and what were their attitudes on all the major topics ....again please list. Do you got daddy issues ?....when daddy spanked you did you get turned on? Or maybe daddy wasn't there at all ....another set of problems. Help me help you.

This neighbor women was talking to me about her up coming divorce and was looking back and stated how she had given him her youth ...looks ...figure( I took that to mean child bearing) to be replaced by someone 10-15 yrs younger. Another friend of mine had a cocaine addiction and recently wished he could get back the 150,000 dollars he spent on that little habit ...and the additional money to get clean. What the fuck he had a good time ...he got high ....what a fucking asshole to talk about the money now when he trying to pay for his kid college....what a fucking crybaby loser..... right neon.

The big 144 take on the story might be correct....maybe correct ...but there are 0 facts to support that. Have you had conversations with my wife in some BDSM chat room which would lead you to that conclusion. To clear this up for you home computer is a dell desk type ...set up in the family room so we could monitor the kids....funny right....once powered up the windows system gave each person in the family there own password protected account (for lack of a better word).

After school my daughter usually comes home and knocks out her home work and then does whatever. One day she came home logged on (under her name ) was doing her home work or whatever and then never logged off and then I came home and picked her up for an indoor soccer game. During that time.... while we were out of the house my wife got home and (critical part here) instead of logging out of my daughters page and logging into her password protected account she just used on my daughters( just lazy) ..... then somebody called or dropped bye or both which distract her and she forgot she hadn't logged off the email account or she thought she logged off but didn't do the final procedure ....then we came home and daughter went back on the computer and the nightmare started. So I don't see now you get there.

I don't think there would be any up side for her to want to share those emails and photos or video with me. Way easier to just tell me to fuck off.

I was told the internet was now they connected.

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