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Oh what a pity.

I guess I'm confident my wife wont fall in love with someone else, run away with them, and break up our happy home. Maybe if you re-assured him that it was just fun, and that you would enjoy it just for the attention?

We have a little boy 7, that we both love to bits, neither of us would do anything to harm him or cause unhappiness in our home

For me, I love her to get compliments, - if she feels better about herself, shes happier, shes also going to be a bit more adventurous in the bedroom, too.

I'd love her to get more and more. She was away on a course a few months ago, and the more she sent me phone messages that one of the guides kept on making remarks about her figure, etc, the more I said she should continue and enjoy it - and she did enjoy it !

Somehow, its also a turn on for me, that other men find her sexy! I mean, the other day, she was filling her tank, and got chatting to a very young guy, like early twenties - she is mid thirties - and this young guy said to her "you're a beautiful woman" ! , and I loved it that she came home and told me - I mean, I'm 50 plus , but I have the good fortune to sleep with a woman thats desirable to a man in his 20s - thats fantastic for her ego, and mine!

Maybe if you gently explained it to your hubby like that?
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