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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
OK, Cindie, you've given me permission to say here that you own a pair of handcuffs and one time (at least) you cuffed a lover to your bed and tortured him by licking all around his hard cock, barely brushing it from time to time with your lips, as he writhed and quivered on the bed.

You're kinky.

You're not vanilla. You're not "non-kinky." You both got off on the power exchange.
Got me. But he told me that he knew he could very easily break the chain on those cuffs (which are feather-lined so as not to hurt!) and so he didn't feel threatened by my doing that, so I didn't really think that I dominated him (the funniest part was when I put the blindfold on him and he whined, about three times, "Does it have to have a ruffle on it?").

Okay, so I'm not TOTALLY non-kinky. But let's say I meet someone new. If he asked me if I'm kinky and I said "yes," he would most likely be sorely disappointed when I got him home because I only play around with some light kinky stuff on occasion. Yes, I've been spanked, tied up, handcuffed (a long time ago), and have bitten and spanked and handcuffed lovers. I love dressing up in catsuits or corsets with stockings, garters, and fuck-me shoes, and I like having my hair pulled during sex. I'll even admit I enjoyed it when Shorty slapped my face on occasion (with my permission). At least now you kinksters know that I am not asking questions from a completely ignorant perspective. But I am so mild, I don't think much of it. Hmm, I guess the people who think it's kinky just to leave the lights on during sex would think it's weird if a lover of mine wants to cum on my boobs.

Yet, I don't think I could qualify to ID as kinky or into BDSM, as it's definitely not something I need to get off or to feel satisfied. Nor would I want it to extend to anywhere else in my life beyond the bedroom. To me, I see what I do as dabbling a little, once in a while. For example, I enjoy being restrained, but not if I can't really get out of it easily myself. I would never want to be so tied up I couldn't move, but pin me down a little, that's okay. The things that freak me out are the 24/7 psychological submissive stuff, and the really pinchy-hurty-drawing blood stuff. And I guess I didn't think of kissing, licking, and nibbling as torture. The cock torture that disturbs me is when they bend it in a cage or like what you described, Mags. How do you even trust someone who nails body parts to a board? And no one's sticking a needle anywhere near my pussy that isn't a medical doctor! But I guess I am beginning to understand more about this world.
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