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Being spanked or flogged is not like stubbing your toe in the middle of the night when stumbling to the bathroom.

It may look ugly and painful to outsiders. Just as sex might look weird and awkward to people who don't understand sex. A kid, hearing Mommy moaning and groaning and screaming while being fucked, might ask, Why is Daddy hurting Mommy?

So with a flogging (or you name it, tattooing, branding, cutting, having a toy in your ass that attaches to the hair on your head, so you cant move), if you're something of a masochist. The endorphins released get you really high. They are like opium, OK? Like a runner, you get a "runner's high."

And some people like extreme sports. Those people that climb Mt Everest in horrible dangerous conditions? Bungee jumpers? Auto racers? Sky divers? People that go into caves and swim into and map dark unexplored underwater lakes that have never been mapped before? People that swim across the fucking English Channel? Why do they do it? "Because it is there. Because it makes me feel ALIVE."

As with sports, there is something mild, like canoeing on a quiet lake. Or there is going down white water on a raft. You've heard of adrenaline junkies. (What about guys that choose to be soldiers and go into fucking battle? Getting shot at seems to be some people's idea of fun! Damn.) So with BDSM, there are things to do from mild (blindfolding your partner and using ice or feathers or fur on their skin, texting the wife and ordering her to be naked on the couch with her legs spread til you get home to ravish her), to extreme (tit torture til the blood flows, having your balls nailed to a board, being suspended by hooks on your back and hanging there while you trip the fuck out-- I haven't done that and never will, but I've seen pix of their faces, they are in heaven).

Being used as a foot stool; or being forced to serve dinner to one's lover (and even a group of people) on one's knees; knowing you are meant to meet your Master at the door on your knees naked, when he gets home from work; being suspended by ropes from the ceiling or wall and having a vibrator used on you to make you cum over and over until you are exhausted; being tied into a rope corset and told to wear it under your clothes to work; wearing a vibrator that your M has the remote for while you go out to dinner; being told while at a restaurant to go to the restroom, strip and masturbate and write "I am a slut" on your body with a Sharpie as part of your masturbation; etc., gets one into subspace. That is an amazing place. You feel special and PROUD. And valued. And trippy, in an alternate reality. And loved, regarded with fondness and interest. It gets you turned on, and feeling sexy. Good adult fun.

Like the hippies used to say to straights about pot back in the '60's: "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

BTW, I HATE boxing too, Cindie. I can not STAND to see guys get punched in the face, esp when it's in slow motion and you see their face distort and the saliva and sweat spray out. That is gross to me! But I know they must actually LIKE getting punched in the face somehow. They do it over and over until their ears are like cauliflower, their nose has been broken multiple times, and even to the point of brain damage, like Mohammed Ali! What the hell?

I mean, when I am really turned on, a medium hard slap to the face, or having my hair pulled hard, feels really good to me! Go figure! However, I don't want a black eye or to have bald patches on my head from having my hair yanked out.

People are strange! Us cwazy humans.
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