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NOT happy!

I learned over the weekend that Possibility's male primary is not the most sexually safe person on the face of the planet!

Now I get to have that wonderful conversation with Possibility where sex is taken off the table and shelved, most likely permanently :cry.

I love him to pieces but my health, Breathes' health and the health of any partners down the road MUST come first!

Yeah, I learned that he's the type who can't maintain an erection with a condom so will go without if given half a chance, especially if it's anally.


The talk was supposed to happen tonight. Unfortunately he had a family emergency come up which requires the cancellation of our time together tonight and, most likely, indefinitely. I will find time to have this conversation face to face though. It's not something which should be done via phone or email. IMO that would just make the situation worse than it already is.

I'll be ok once I do manage to get this conversation out of the way. It's the dreading it that's the worst.
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