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I think sagency and sourgirl hit it on the head. I'm not necessarily interested in poly for myself just wondering how other people have managed a disparity in libido coupled with being bisexual in a hetero relationship.

My partner and I are very supportive of each other - we've decided on what we want from one another and have committed to a life together. We both want kids, we both want to grow old together (we're best friends), but we don't want to be sexually exclusive.

He's more interested in a swinging/casual sex/FWB type thing, and that sounds awesome to me as well except I need to love someone to have sex with them but I don't want to have more than one romantic relationship. It's not about jealousy, it's not about roving eyes - it's about a very high sex drive, a very high population of hot people in my area, and a very supportive partnership. I like it when he sleeps w/ other people - he's happier and brings home more energy for our sex life.

Lots of women are hornier than their mates. If you need to masturbate a lot when your man is not in the mood, let him know this, and make sure he supports it without guilting you.
No offense or anything, but masturbation just doesn't cut it. If anything it makes it worse. He doesn't guilt me for it. We're pretty sex-positive.

It's so helpful to have a forum to talk about this on. I don't know anyone who would be as supportive.

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