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DH, I have criticized you because of YOU, not because of your wife. I am truly disgusted by the way she lied to your family about the "special project" and it is my personal take on the story that she did in fact intend for that pornographic material with "asswhore" and "cumslut" written on her to be "accidentally" discovered by others - although I believe that it was intended for you, not for your daughter.

My main issue with your attitude as I perceived from your posts was twofold - one, that you seemed to be putting a pricetag on everything that ever happened in your marriage, like a financial balance sheet, and two, that you seemed to be on this forum looking for evidennce in other people's relationships to hold in comparison to what happened in yours. It is ccertainly possible that I perceived these things in error, but I'm just telling you where it came from.

I'm a little curious though - maybe you mentioned this before but I forgot: where on earth did she find this guy, this "boyfriend"? You can tell me it's none of my business because it isn't, but enquiring minds with 144 IQ's want to know these things.
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