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your foggy memory is correct ...there was no written declaration of rejection.....her dumb and thoughtless action was the death blow. The rejection for me and the family was in a much more subtle form...and evident in the choices made. Not long ago I told the story of last years anniversary dinner ....people here viewed it as a stupid restaurant choice squabble....then and now I view it as selfishness on her part....and a form of rejection. One weekend she told my daughter that she not be able travel with us to weekend soccer tournament because she had a special project that came up.....cross referencing ...that special project was learning to take successively larger objects up her ass get her anal merit badge or ass cunt merit badge not sure what name it was given ....the bdsm crowd knows how truly "special " this project is. I'm sure my daughter would feel this as rejection. Wait I can hear that conversation. "seriously you stayed home to have objects shoved up you ass seriously... that was more important seriously.....that is so f'ed up seriously...blah blah...seriously. I hear seriously 25-1000 times a day. Seriously.

My point was/is that she didn't really lose everything.....maybe I'm trying to spin it in positive way for her ....but looking back ....her choices and actions tell a story.

I disagree with you disagreeing with me The reason for the thread was I wasn't dead sure that it wasn't me.... in that I changed the way I saw her....and thus my brain processed that smell a different way.

You knowing the chemical make up of bag balm is not at all surprising fact its expected.
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