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Yes - but commitment is a strong power in itself. It can build a place for you to grow in a different way - even for your future self. I have this quote that I carry around in my pocket: " if you want something you must commit to it". I always took this to apply to my music, art, school, etc. Because I believe that If i don't commit myself to them (for my future self) I will inevitably fail, or do something half-ass... that in a way is almost worse.

Commitment to a relationship is KNOWING that your future self will change. Of course it does. That is why commitment is so hard, and so powerful. It is a promise to work within yourself for something bigger than just your personal freedom. It gives people the security in knowing that someone you love will always be there for you. In ways that you agree on when making said commitment. I truly believe that people thrive on this when it is true. It is thinking beyond yourself. I always believed that true love is action, decisions, etc. The way a mother loves a child - "proven" (for lack of a better word) - by the multitude of actions and lifelong commitment. I know that I have people in my life that have committed certain relationship roles in my life, e.g. my best friend, my mother, etc. This does not hinder me, in fact it makes me a stronger person. I know because of them, that I can do the same for someone else, and that I can expect the same in return.

Someone to be there when you are sick, when things are not at their best, when you are acting stupid, when you are old, poor, rich, whatever. Just someone that you know will be there, and love you because they are there.
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