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Default Mojo-Bliss,Karma, & Magic dust

Wow is the summary since I last posted Its hard for me even to figure out where to start. My long term Boy Neo has fallen hard, I can't quiet shake the feeling that I fed it to him with a spoon.

In some strange way I think we are closer, we have done things that we haven't done in awhile just the two of us, kinda sad when you realize you didn't before when it makes eachother feel so good. Like laughing and cuddling on the HOT* shower sex,closet sex,outside sex,kitchen sex you name it its been mind blowing O month Whats this called? Are we fighting for eachother or proving something to one another or is this straight up competition? Or just realizing how good we really are?

Lips Neo & I have spent alot of time together, she has met the kids stayed at the house for the weekend. Met both of our rents. We have stayed at her house too. I have spent some girl time one on one with her, we vibe really well. People say we look are related That makes me smile alot. Yeah guess we were in fast forward.

So back to the falling hard part, Lips and Neo have this connection thats intense. Neo really wasn't able to tell me his true feelings for awhile he doesn't lay it all out there, I get that it stings a little but hell why wouldn't it?
They both told eachother how they felt I was happy everyone was communicating and like seeing everyone happy.Seemed like everyone was on the same cloud 3.

I came clean to Neo and said I had an emotional affair in my head over Smile and I was stuck for awhile in that spot, thinking how it might help him deal with everything going on as you could see his head spinning a little. He said it was apparent it did hurt him a bit, jealousy was there, but it passed. Comes out from time to time

Than Bam lips ends up getting together with Smile (Good friend to Neo, had a 3 way once they are both hetro), while we were not present 1st time with him ( I may have had something to do with that too?(Told her how hot it was, blahhh it was!) No she didn't hide it at all & doesn't shes very honest. Which is fine to me as she is not married and is 22. she called me & told me I told her she had to break the news to Neo. It was on my birthday, Weird eh? His Karma, thats what he thought? Neo was crushed, she was hurt that she hurt him. I felt bad for him but It was a reality check for us all before it got to deep. I thought it was a good thing, is that bad?

We all know now who has done who, for some reason I felt the need to profess my feeling to Smile one drunkin night while lips was giving head to Neo on the way to the store... Bahahahaha that cracks me up
So the next night we all ended up chiling on the couch Lips & Neo on one, Me & smile on another. They were cuddling laughing giggling.. and me and smile were both kinda weirded out by it & had no idea what to do except laugh about some stupid shit on tv and talk, maybe I was to high. Now I wish I would have cuddled up on him...geezzz..

Neo is feeling the wrath of two womens emotions its alot to handle I'm sure. While trying to deal with his wife & girl both did his buddie and liked it. Him & smile talked how I like Smile, how smile doesn't really know how to take that. & it ended as yeah its weird but fun and WTH why not? They haven't talked about Lips but there is hidden tension there I feel it. Neo thinks Smile is shady and hides things and wishes he would go get his own woman. Guess that's a natural feeling.
My gut feeling tells me everyone else isn't as deep in it as me & Neo & thats ok cause in the end we have eachother and always will I like that part...

Step back two steps & see what happens eh?
Hopefully a PILE of magic dust at some point-Mojo
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