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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
I had messed-up dreams all night.

I would dream of the doorbell ringing, and actually wake-up thinking it was. Then toddle out to the door, and of course,... nothing.
I've had those dreams, many times! I hear the buzzer, or the phone ringing, or my alarm going off, and I wake up, but it's the middle of the night and no one's there or it was hours away from when my alarm was set. Sometimes I have those dreams just before waking in the morning, so then I'm afraid I'm having a package delivered or something, but there's no one on the intercom.

Only once did it actually happen, a few months ago, where this really drunk chick was leaning on my doorbell demanding that she be let into the building just after the bars closed at 4am. She kept yelling into the intercom that her friend told her she could stay at "Apt. 3C" (my apartment number) but she had the wrong building on the wrong block. She wouldn't stop, even after I stuck my head out the window and told her to go away. After a half-hour of my buzzer going off, I had to call the cops, LOL. I watched her stagger away in her 4-inch stilettos, while the cops laughed and shook their heads, the poor drunken dipshit.
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