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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

I didn't mean to insult you...I just got the impression your knowledge was more experience or use based. Without looking it up do you know what the individual ingredients that you listed smell like a lone? Does it change when mixed? ... I don't know what bag balm smells like ....or 8-Hydroxy Quinowhatever 0.3%,....or straight lanolin for that matter.
You didn't insult me; however people often remark about how "smart" i am because I have the amazing ability to repeat what I have read written in books, and/or to take something i learned yesterday and apply that knowledge to the exact same situation today.


144...very impressive.

See above. That score is about 30 years old so with all the stupidity I've been exposed to since then, I would imagine some of it has rubbed off on me.

Does that get you a shot at a Mensa membership card?....I bet their secret handshake is really complicated and hard....
I didn't even know what Mensa is until a few months ago. Thank Google.
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