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So, now, here we are, about 2 months later, and still no bedroom action, but I feel its slowly getting close to something happening again. And its encouraging she enjoyed the flirting in the fish shop (in another thread).

Just want to point out, right in the beginning of this, wife and I agreed that, if it ever happened, we'd prefer it to be someone we know and trust, and more specifically, someone SHE could trust to stop anytime she said No to something. I can envision a situation where she has someone who cares for her, visits occasionally, flirts terribly with, and has bedroom fun with, if she chooses.

Ive joked with a few of her less judgemental friends - "oh she's gone away with the boyfriend!", and they didnt seem bothered - one of them even said "ooooh, shes lucky to have a boyfriend!" - I just shrugged and said , "sure, - why not!"
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