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It turned out the he, M, was away for that weekend, so we missed a good opportunity - I was gutted ! I kicked myself for not finding out where he lived, and arranging things better.

So we were away on holiday, and I was excited - we’d bought some new toys, books, and I even bought a saucy DVD (made for women, by women), even though I wondered if she might be looking for wedding rings on the perfomers (sic). I was now reading ethical slut, and didnt know how she would take it - she seemed non-plussed by it, and even asked a few questions. She was chatted up by a guy who ran on the seaside with her, and we also met a very nice guy in the holiday camp who she said “ooh, he ticked a lot of boxes for me!”, but our holiday only overlapped by 2 days with his, so not too much time to get to know him.

Now I am not sure exactly what happened with her, but all this fun suddenly stopped - she never mentioned the toys, DVD, and she hardly read the books, while I ploughed through them all. And the sex came to a stop, too.

It didnt help that her parents were coming to stay immediately on our return, and that is very stressful for her. I was hoping the counselling would reveal all, but when we went for a joint session with the counsellor, the stupid cow (the counsellor that is), didnt even bother to turn up !!! How interested was SHE in our lives?....... NOT
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