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I also said “every time I think our sex life just gets going, you come out with these attitudes, which I *think* are coming from the church - they tried to ruin our finances (thats another long story!), and now they’re ruining our sex life - who are they to prescribe what we should be doing in bed anyway?” which point, I thought a counsellor could help us with the sex and the church.

5) Another thing happened, too. Her boss had just been to a hearing, where every one of his txt messages were read out ! And my wife has been using her work phone for our flirting. So I had to cool it a bit on my messages - I tried sending some to her private phone, she never replied. I suggested we use an IM, like google talk, and she procrastinated for weeks to set that up.

Anyway, the sex cooled off a bit, but it was still regular, and I started sending her some pictures of nice guys, and trying to find out what she liked/didnt like in guys. I was a bit bold, and I sent her some girls in MFM threesomes and she responded “those dont turn me on”

One good thing, though, is she at least looked at the book I bought for her “sex for one”, on female masturbation. I wouldnt say she read the whole thing, but she looked at it occasionally.

So we went for therapy, and the livley sex continued, but the phone messages sort of came to a halt

Meantime, I discovered that there was such a thing as poly, and I bought “ethical slut”, and I began reading.

Then, off we go on holiday, a 250 mile drive. We were driving and we were still sharing quite a bit, and she lists some other men she met earlier in her life who “tick her boxes”. And we get to No 3 on the list, the same man, M from her office. She casually mentions “we’re almost going past his house” !! ( I thought he lived in Edinburgh, like 300 miles away from London, but I had it wrong, he lives much closer). So I say “can we drop in?” , and so she tries to rouse him on the phone. No answer from his phone for the moment . Geez, but I was turned ON !!

Then she says “shit!” -
I say “what?”
- she says “I didnt straighten my hair this morning!” -
I say “did you bring the straighteners?”
She says “yes, but theyre at the bottom of my bag, in the bottom of the boot (trunk).
I said “dont worry about that, we’ll stop for fuel, and I’ll get them out, I’ll repack everything !”
She laughed!
I said “oh, so you still want to look good for him, then?”,
and she said “oh, yes”, and then after a pause she said “you dont mind??” -
I said “mind? - feel this ! ” at which point I put her hand on my crotch to feel the rock solid effect the conversation had had on me!”
We didnt know yet if he, M, was available, but we stopped for fuel anyway, didnt bother unpack everything, but she went to the bathroom, and when she came back she said “oh my god, Ive been gushing !“ - so she was turned on, too then !!
Male M, struggling noob.
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